Monday, 30 May 2011

Huffin and Puffin

Well, a few weeks and a big vets bill later, the dog has nearly stopped coughing and is now just huffing from time to time. We have been away to Skomer (an island managed by the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales) and seen Puffins, which were absolutely fabulous, and now we are coming back down to earth.

The Green Frog design chicken house has been put up and is now installed in the garden. It was quite easy to put together, with everything pre-drilled and clear instructions. I did most of the first stages and then Graham helped with the last bits. It probably took about an hour from start to finish, though taking it apart and putting it together again would be much quicker another time if we need to move it a long distance. It has already had an outing, down to a village gardening show in Llandegla with a pair of Lavender Pekins. Lots of people admired the design and the chickens! We just need some fencing now so that they can move in permanently. Jobs, jobs, jobs ...

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