Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Green frogs and vomiting dogs

I'm very excited today because my new chicken house from Green Frog Designs has arrived at the farm. It is waiting for me in flat packed boxes in the bathroom and I really want to put it into use. The only thing standing in my way is a vomiting dog, a dead goldfish, a mischevious three year old and all the other work that I'm meant to be doing. Things just keep conspiring against me ... it has been one of those weeks! And then I will be faced with lots of decisions - which chickens to put into the house ... a family of Lavender Pekin bantams, the broody Partridge Wyandotte to hatch her brood, or the latest batch of chicks? And where shall I locate it ... behind the garage in the area we call "the ditch" or under the beech arch. Decisions, decisions! Watch this space!

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