Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring has sprung

New blog, new life. With Easter here it seemed the right time to talk about new life on the farm. We do have both spring lambs and spring chicks at Ty'n Y Llidiart now. The lambs are from our pedigree Lleyn flock and we have started to hatch from our rare breed chickens too. There have always been chickens at the farm but the full scale chicken project began when I fancied adding some Plymouth Barred Rocks to the farmyard flock. Before they had even hatched I was tempted to buy some Buff Orpingtons and Cream Legbars, and then some Gold Campines and Partridge Feathered Wyandottes to appease my husband who had been doing the shed building, then some Marans for deep brown eggs and it grew from there. Now we have a whole range of chickens, our Feisty Fowl flock ... and this year's hatching has commenced. Our first chicks to hatch this year have been Shetlands, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Silver Spangled Appenzellers and Welsummers.

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