Wednesday, 27 April 2011

... and getting ready for the growing season

Egg rolling celebrations complete, the next day of our Easter weekend was about getting down to some real work ... preparing for the growing season. We have a greenhouse at the farm, half full of grapevines and half full of plant pots, and this year we want it to be full of veg. Well, the grapevines, a vestige of past wine making plans, are staying too but the pots had to go. First things first we had to clear out an old shed of broken tools to make the new potting shed, and only then could we move the pots. With Daddy busy doing the hard graft, Grandma and Seren got down to some seed planting. We have some pretty heavy frosts here at Ty'n Y Llidiart, up in the Welsh hills of Llandegla so the greenhouse will be a real boon to extending the growing season.

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